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As many of you may know, EHE has adapted a housing system from The Ron Clark Academy. Your child has been sorted into a house if they are in grades 2-5, or in their teacher’s house for grades K-1. The goals of the housing system include building a community among students, spreading cheer, and inspiring positivity.

Students in grades 2 – 5 have been sorted into a specific house. These students will represent this house throughout their time at EHE. Students in K and 1 will be in the house that their teachers represent to cheer on the houses for the upper grades. Each year second graders will be sorted into permanent houses at the beginning of the school year.


Students are competing during the school day to earn points for the house in which he/she represents.  Students earn points for displaying positive behaviors, being kind, helping others, completing homework, etc. 

Dress Up Days

Throughout the school year, we will have many opportunities to get together with our house members, and to dress up to represent our assigned house. EHE teachers will post dress up days on their weekly newsletters, class apps, and on the EHE Facebook page. On dress up days, students may wear whatever they would like in the color of their house. Wigs, glitter, facepaint, tutus, socks, etc. – all are acceptable on dress up days! We will even compete to see which house can show the most spirit! If your child does not want to dress up, that is fine.

Extra Information

If you do not know which house your child is in, ask your child’s teacher. This is all for fun, and the students are already enjoying the housing system. Check out our school’s Facebook page to see pictures!

For more information about the housing system adapted from The Ron Clark Academy visit https://www.rcahousesystem.com/

Meet Our Houses

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